The perks of entrepreneurship with L&B Direct

In business and in life, there are leaders and there are followers. It is important to determine which of these two categories you fall in before embarking on your career path. Here at L&B Direct, we are a team of leaders dedicated to entrepreneurship! This path is most definitely difficult, but we believe that the rewards will be worth the work. As an entrepreneur, you are your own boss and with that comes great control; control over what you do, your income, and the level of influence you play in bettering the lives of others. We know that our work ethic has to match our goals, and our team is prepared to take on that challenge. Are you wondering if the perks will be worth the work? Continue reading to learn more and then make up your mind!

Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”. One of the main perks about entrepreneurship is having the ability to control what you do each and every day. Did you know that more than 40% of college graduates are currently working in a field that has no correlation to their degree? These people had a passion but were unable to enter the industry of their dreams for some reason. When you’re an entrepreneur, you have the power to determine your path and to tackle it with every resource that you have.

This next entrepreneurial perk is something that almost every employee in the world is working to increase – money. There is a direct correlation between work ethic and income when you are an entrepreneur. We won’t lie to you and say that you will be rolling in the dough a few months after you open your doors for the first time. In fact, it will take a lot of hard work and penny pinching, but with time, you will earn an income that matches your dedication. When your business thrives, so will your bank account. As an employee, when the business thrives, your income stays stagnant.

We are a people helping people business here at L&B Direct. We work hard not only for our success but for the success of our overall team. It is our goal to help every person that walks through our door to reach their personal and professional goals. This is our favorite and the most influential perk of entrepreneurship. We run a Management Development Program centered around providing the necessary tools and education to help our team members progress rapidly in their careers. Entrepreneurship has given us the freedom and control to have a positive impact on the lives of not only our employees but of their families and our community as well.

Now, have you made up your mind? Do the perks outweigh your fears? Being successful as an entrepreneur is no easy task. But, with the right mindset, you can achieve anything that you set your sights on. Give yourself the opportunity to be passionate and excited about your dreams and the positive impact that you can have on your community. We hope that we were able to shed a little light on why we work so hard and why entrepreneurship was the career path for us. Hopefully, you’ll be joining us soon!

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