Who is L&B Direct? An Exclusive Q&A With Our Founder & President

Hello and welcome to L&B Direct! Today our Founder & President, Rick, is taking us behind the scenes and sharing a few of his best-kept secrets. Have you ever wondered what the L and B in L&B Direct stand for? Or how we ended up headquartered in Lexington? Or what our start-up’s mission and vision for the future are? Well, you’re about to find out! 

Hey, Rick! We appreciate you taking the time to sit down with us to answer a few questions that we have been dying to ask. Let’s start with a little company history!

When was L&B Direct founded?

Hello! I opened our doors for the first time on September 22, 2016.

What was the inspiration behind the company name?

I named my business after my dogs, Lucky and Bailey. I wanted a name that was meaningful to me; plus, we needed company mascots!!

How was Lexington chosen as the founding place for L&B Direct?

I grew up in a farm county in western Pennsylvania before moving to Philadelphia for a few years. When I was leading an expansion team for our client and looking for a place I felt comfortable, Lexington was the perfect middle ground for me. With Lexington’s downtown area, there is always something to do which gave me that “big city” feel but the fact that it is a smaller city fit the environment that I was comfortable with growing up.

Explain our company mission statement.

We believe that everyone can be successful, as long as they are willing to put in the work. Our system is entirely based on someone’s merit and the work they put in. The harder someone works, the quicker they will see themselves succeed.

What are our five main core values?

Integrity, sense of urgency, teamwork, personal development, and growth!!

Describe our company culture in three words.

Team oriented, fast-paced, and high energy!

Why those words?

Team oriented because we are very focused on working together and helping one another succeed, fast-paced because our training is entirely based on how quickly someone can learn and progress, and high energy because from our office meetings to our team outings, we like to bring a lot of positive energy and have FUN!

So far so great, Rick! Now, we have a few questions from a recent graduate’s point of view.

Why would L&B Direct be the best fit for an entry-level employee?

Our company would be a great fit because we are providing great training. We teach skills that are transferable into almost every portion of life, not just business.

What does an average day at L&B Direct look like?

We focus our mornings on training and meetings then transition into the retail stores that we staff on behalf of our client. Then, we spend the rest of the day acquiring new customers. Our meetings are centered around professional and personal development, and the afternoons are solely focused on our customers.

Describe the opportunity that we provide all team members.

Our company provides unlimited growth for everyone. All of our team members start at the same entry-level sales role, no matter their background. With our training program, everyone has the opportunity to learn about business and can grow at their own pace.

What is the leadership style one would experience here?

I would have to classify it as an involved leadership style. Not only am I involved with every part of the business and everyone on our team but, we also keep all of our team members engaged in leadership roles. Every person in our company has the opportunity to fill a leadership role and gain the experience of leading a team or running training sessions and meetings.

We feel like we have gained such a great understanding of what it means to be apart of the L&B Direct team. For our last few questions, we want to focus on the future!

Where do you envision the company in three years?

I would love to see us continue our growth and to provide our client with the results that they seek and require for national expansion. The best way for us to do that is to keep hiring and growing in this region, while also expanding to new locations and working with new clients.

How does L&B Direct plan to continue stimulating the local economy?

By continuing to grow with our client. The more jobs we provide here in Lexington, the more service we can provide for our client.

Lastly, Rick, what accomplishment is L&B Direct most proud of?

Being recognized as a top place to work in our region! In 2018, we were recognized nationally as a Best and Brightest place to work for in the country, as well as a top small business to work in Kentucky by the Lexington Program Board.

Rick, we appreciate you taking the time to share these bits of L&B Direct knowledge with us. The future is looking bright for yourself and your business!

We hope that this Q&A has helped shed a bright light on the background and opportunities that are provided here at L&B Direct. We are a people helping people business and at the end of the day, we work hard, not just for our personal success, but for the success of our overall team!

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