L&B Wins National Best & Brightest Recognition Award

L&B Direct has an exciting announcement for our clients and teammates. We are the proud recipients of the Best & Brightest Companies To Work For In The Nation Award! There is no feeling better than seeing all of our hard work pay off in this way. We no doubt have reached this achievement because of the dedication of our team and the trust of our clients. Here at L&B Direct, we pride ourselves on the relationships cultivated between clients and team members.

What is The National Best and Brightest award? “The Best and Brightest programs identify, recognize, and celebrate the organizations that epitomize Better Business. Richer Lives. Stronger Communities.” Every year, companies are nominated from across the country and are voted on by their employees in categories like advancement, work-life balance, upward mobility, environment, and more! Being nominated, let alone winning, is a massive signal that we are doing the right things and aligned with our client’s growth projections.

What does it mean to be the “best and brightest”? For us, that starts in the office. Each choice we make, from morning music choices to team hangouts, is made in an effort to be the best. We have one simple rule for our teammates- never settle for less. If you’re not working at your best, step up. We also place emphasis on being the “brightest.” We focus much of our energy on keeping up with the trends of the industry so that we can best serve our clients at the top of our game.

When a team members or client signs on with L&B Direct, we promise one thing- growth. In an effort to achieve growth for our clients, we focus on dedication, work ethic, and communication. We are always a phone call away for our clients, their customers, and most importantly, our crew. We describe our culture as a family; a family that includes clientele. We are working at our best because our clients are the best.

What did our team have to say about working for the “best and brightest”? President Rick Goughneour says. “It’s an absolute honor. To be recognized like this on a national level is HUGE. We’ve always known our company and culture was top of the line, but to have it announced and listed as 1 out of 100 companies nationwide is going to allow us to scale on an even quicker level.”

To all of our clients and employees, the leaders of L&B Direct want to say THANK YOU. There is no doubt in our minds that this incredible achievement would be impossible without your involvement. All of that said, 2019 only just started, and we have many more plans for our team. Along with continuing to work at our best, we will work to spend the year of 2019 growing and thriving alongside our teammates and clients.

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