Meet Our President, Rick Goughneour, Ultimate Leader

L&B Direct is an outsourced direct sales and marketing firm located in Lexington, Kentucky. As a company, we have seen great success since opening our doors back in 2016, but who knows where we would be without the fearless leadership of our President, Rick Goughneour.

Goughneour was born in Greenville, South Carolina, but was raised in Acme, Pennsylvania. As a kid, Goughneour was highly social and outgoing. “I played every sport imaginable growing up,” says Goughneour, “we were always the entertaining type of family, so most of my friends spent their time at our house.” As a young athlete, Goughneour played baseball, basketball, soccer, football, and played in the school band. “I think being involved in that many activities while I was young helped me develop my communication skills and learn how to be a part of a team and work with others.”

After graduating from high school, Goughneour packed his bags and enrolled as a student at Robert Morris University. The future president held on to his streak of involvement and upped his game during his collegiate years. “I was even more involved in college than I was in high school,” says Goughneour, “I worked in the admissions office giving tours to incoming students, I worked on the yearbook staff as the Layout and Design manager, I was President of my fraternity Phi Delta Theta, Vice President of the Interfraternity Council, and was selected to the University President’s Council.”

“As for a life-changing experience, I would lump my entire college experience together. Being in college and having the opportunity to be in so many leadership positions really made me mature and grow up quickly because I was responsible for so many things from the spring semester of my freshman year, up until I graduated college.”

Before opening up L&B Direct, Goughneour worked as a traveling consultant for his fraternity’s national office. “I was responsible for overseeing about 30 different universities in the North East U.S.,” says Goughneour, “I would travel to these colleges and meet with undergraduate chapters as a resource to help with things like fundraising, scholarship, chapter organization, philanthropy, chapter operations, and overall functionality.” After that experience, Goughneour took his talents to Philadelphia and worked as a bartender for a successful catering company.

On September 22, 2016, Rick Goughneour opened the doors of L&B Direct for the very first time. Wondering about that company name? Goughneour was inspired by his two adorable dogs, Lucky and Bailey.

Goughneour has found much success in his career, but he is quick to lift up others to reach the same success. As for his advice, we’ve got you covered.

“Be open to learning everything. Never stop learning or growing. Take advice from people who are in a position that you want to be in. Read books, listen to podcasts, watch videos by successful entrepreneurs.”

“Don’t give up when things get tough or don’t go your way. There will always be ups and downs and the people that are successful are the ones that stick it out during the hard times.”

“Ask for help. There is always going to be someone who was in your position at one time or another and it’s never a bad thing to ask for help.”

For Goughneour, the road of leadership has been paved with many lessons. His newest lesson since starting L&B Direct? How to be his own boss. “Not everything is sunshine and rainbows for the people in charge,” says Goughneour, “There is a ton of hard work that goes into being successful and that stuff isn’t always seen from the outside. I’ve had to get used to being my own biggest cheerleader and biggest critic at the same time. The work that goes on behind the scenes doesn’t always show to everyone else, so I’ve had to learn to celebrate those small wins myself rather than look for that recognition from the outside.”

As for his personal leadership style, Goughneour is still learning what works best for him and his team. “This is a tough one and something that I’m still working to develop,” says Goughneour, “I try to find that middle ground between being assertive and direct but at the same time making sure that I’m listening to others and taking in their point of view. I want to be seen as the type of leader that does the right thing and makes the right decisions but still takes the input of those around me.”

The past two years have been a stream of growth and success for the L&B Direct team, and President Rick Goughneour’s only plans are moving upward. “My short-term goal for our company is to get back on top of our game,” says Goughneour, “We’ve hit some bumps in the road the second half of this year so we’re looking to get back to the top and continue to grow. I would like to see us promote at least one if not two people through our management process in this upcoming year and continue to grow/expand into new markets and work with new clients”


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