18 Interview Tips for Guaranteed Success

Are you a graduating college senior, or looking for a career shift? Interview season is upon us. Here at L&B Direct, we know how stressful the interview process can get. We are here to help. With the help of our dedicated team, we have comprised the ultimate list of interview tips to guarantee success in the professional sector.

  1. Research, research, research. Familiarize yourself with the business, the clients, and past projects.
  2. Keep a guaranteed talking point in your pocket. Sift through the company’s clients and previous work and consider it your secret weapon. By bringing up a past campaign or project, the interviewer sees your knowledge and dedication to the company.
  3. Dress for success.
  4. Reach out to current employees for a recommendation- utilize your connections.
  5. Prepare questions. An interview is a conversation, not a quiz. Spend some time considering your concerns and curiosities, and don’t be afraid to address them in the interview.
  6. Arrive early, but not too early. The rule of thumb is 15 minutes early- it shows that you are prepared and punctual, without creating anxiety for the busy interviewer.
  7. Virtually explore the company culture through social media-consider your place in this culture.
  8. Print out your resume. In today’s day and age, you will have already sent a virtual copy to the company but go the extra mile with a hard copy.
  9. Find the balance between bragging and withholding. Share your professional experiences and abilities without being too cocky.
  10. Don’t make the interviewer dig. Remember that this is a conversation, and if there is something you want to highlight, don’t wait for the interviewer to pull it out of you- share it yourself.
  11. Write a cover letter. Many young professionals choose to forego a CV due to the exhaustive nature of a personalized letter for each company they apply to, but it shows a true desire for the position.
  12. Be friendly and warm with everyone you encounter in the office, not just the interviewer. Remember, this could be your potential future work family.
  13. Consider specific personal skills. Everyone is “hard-working” when you are on the other side of the interviewer’s desk. Some stronger skills to mention include teachable, adaptable, goal oriented, and committed.
  14. Be open to anything. It is not uncommon for a candidate to be offered a position that they are not applying for. If the interviewer sees something in you, trust that.
  15. Research beyond the company. Show a knowledge and interest in the overall industry.
  16. LinkedIn- we can’t stress this one enough.
  17. Consider the weaknesses in your resume and be ready to defend them. If you are lacking office experience, don’t cross your fingers in the hopes that it won’t come up. Rather, be prepared to share alternative life experiences that have prepared you for the position.
  18. Consider a thank you note in the days that follow, even a simple email will do the trick.

There you have it! The ultimate, exhaustive list of interview advice directly from the minds of professionals. From all of us here at L&B Direct, we wish you the best of luck- not that you need it.

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